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The Warren County R-III School District is looking for a new transportation director after the departure of Kevin Pirrung.

Pirrung, who served in the role for seven years, is leaving to work at another school district. Superintendent Dr. Gregg Klinginsmith reflected on Pirrung’s impact on the department and how the district plans to move forward.

“He’s done a wonderful job of creating a positive culture in our transportation department,” said Klinginsmith. “In the interim, we’ve got it running pretty smoothly.”

Assistant Superintendent Dr. Aaron Jones will be handling transportation responsibilities until the board meeting April 11, at which time the district hopes to name someone to fill that vacancy.

“Our focus in our transportation department is provide the highest quality transportation service we can,” said Klinginsmith. “We do everything in our power to provide great transpiration experience.”

The district’s growth has been reflected through the expansion of the transportation department and bus fleet, which grew from 46 to 56 during Pirrung’s tenure.

The routes cover a substantial scope of 245 square miles.

Pirrung said there was never a shortage of bus drivers during his tenure, which is particularly rare.

“I really focused on creating a climate and culture in that department where it’s kind of a part-time job but you’re valued as a full-time employee,” said Pirrung. “To keep people in the transportation is amazingly difficult.”

The department has been a strong suit for the district for a while, as all but one bus has passed inspection on the first time over the past seven years.

“I just believe that shows the significance in building a team and having everybody work together to accomplish a goal and keep our kids safe,” said Pirrung, who also noted the importance of central office providing the means to maintain a newer fleet.

“Our average fleet at one time was 4.5 years old,” said Pirrung. “That’s an impressive number in the transportation world.”

Pirrung is leaving Warren County schools for the Ferguson-Florissant School District.

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