Warren County Administration Building

The Warren County Commission has determined that it is necessary to revise and clarify the Warren County Planning and Zoning Code.

This endeavor has become necessary due to the growth in the county and what the commission believes will be even greater growth in the near future. 

“We owe it to our citizens and to prospective businesses and residents to provide them with an up-to-date code which clearly points out what is permitted and what is not,” Presiding Commissioner Joe Gildehaus said.

Over the years there have been partial revisions of the zoning code, with the result being a lack of consistency.

“All of our employees and the planning and zoning commission members have done a wonderful job, even though their tools may have been somewhat inadequate,” said Commissioner Hubie Kluesner.

The zoning code revision process has commenced with a focus on the definitions used in the code to describe different land uses in each zoning district. The work is being performed by Planning and Zoning Director Vickie Voshen and attorney Mark Vincent.

Commissioner Daniel Hampson described how the revision project will work.

“Our staff will prepare the initial drafts of each segment and will then forward it to the planning and zoning commission for its review and recommendations. The planning and zoning commission will, in turn, forward the revisions to the county commission for its review and for the required public hearing. It will be adopted in segments, and when it has been reviewed in its entirety, a comprehensive zoning order will be adopted.”

It is anticipated that the entire process will take three to four months.

“The project will involve a lot of our employees and will incorporate both the traditional desires of our citizens and new ideas to address our current and future needs. We are excited about the project,” Gildehaus said.

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