Warren County prosecutors have filed charges against a Warrenton man who allegedly broke into Chic Lumber in Warrenton and stole power tools on three different nights in December 2018.

Steven M. Hays, 33, is charged with second-degree burglary and stealing items valued at $750 or more.

Hays was implicated in the thefts after another suspect, David M. Andrews, 36, Truesdale, was arrested by Truesdale Police Department in January. Andrews reportedly told police he had driven Hays to Chic to commit the burglaries.

According to a Warrenton Police arrest report, Hays was interviewed by an officer and allegedly admitted to entering Chic Lumber on three nights by going through a door that was not secured. Hays reportedly stated that he spent about three hours each night in the store stealing items.

A number of power tools were recovered from Andrews’ residence in Truesdale when law enforcement served a search warrant there Jan. 9. Warrenton police said over $1,600 worth of tools recovered matched an inventory list provided by Chic.

The charges against Hays are both class D felonies. A warrant has been issued for him to be detained by law enforcement.

In response to new pretrial detention rules instituted by the Missouri Supreme Court July 1, the warrant issued by Associate Circuit Judge Richard Scheibe includes a series of conditions under which Hays can be released on his own recognizance. He will not be allowed to leave the state and must abide by a curfew. He cannot possess alcohol or nonprescription drugs, and cannot enter bars or liquor stores. He must also maintain employment or provide weekly proof that he is actively seeking employment.

Hays also has several active criminal cases against him for incidents of motor vehicle tampering that occurred around the same time as the Chic Lumber thefts.

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