Warren County Administration Building

The owner of a 300-acre property in northern Warren County is seeking a permit to build up to 50 rental cabins to create an outdoor recreation resort.

Philip Samuels of Chesterfield is seeking a conditional use permit (CUP) from the Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission for his business, Survival Spring. The property where the resort would be located is at 300 Eagles Nest Farm Road, very near the northernmost border between Warren County and Lincoln County.

Samuels plans for Survival Spring to host activities such as camping, fishing, archery, hunting and private gatherings, according to his CUP application.

He previously received a permit for those activities in 2015, meaning the property can already host that type of outdoor recreation. However, the permit included permission for only three cabins and three RVs.

Now, Samuels is looking to expand his CUP to allow many more cabins, as well as a larger lodge facility. He also is requesting to add retail sales in the form of small convenience stores.

“The sizes of the cabins could vary,” Samuels commented. “The lodge itself may be 12 to 16 rooms.”

Samuels asked the planning commission to approve up to 50 cabins or lodge rooms. The largest cabins Samuels has planned are 2,000-square-foot, one-bedroom luxury cabins. He commented that the lodge could have amenities attached other than just rooms to stay in.

Members of the planning commission questioned whether a limit should be placed on the size of the cabins. They also discussed adding wording to the CUP forbidding long-term occupancy of the cabins. Survival Spring’s current CUP already has a limit of 400 people on the property at a time, and that limitation will remain, planning officials said.

Planning and zoning administrator Vickie Vohsen said she visited the Survival Spring property and was impressed by improvements Samuels has made to the property. There are multiple lakes on the property, some of which were created recently, Vohsen said.

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