The Highway Patrol Bomb Squad was called to investigate possible explosives at an apartment building on Tiffany Court in Marthasville Thursday, April 25.

The Missouri State Highway Patrol Bomb Squad was called to investigate possible explosives in Marthasville on Thursday, but determined it was a false alarm.

Warren County Sheriff Kevin Harrison said deputies were dispatched to a domestic disturbance at 8:30 a.m. at an apartment building on Tiffany Court, just off Hiawatha Street in Marthasville. A woman at the scene who had been arguing with her husband told a deputy she believed her husband was pouring gunpowder into a tube and making a pipe bomb, Harrison said.

The suspect was not present at the apartment when deputies arrived. A toolbox located in the apartment allegedly was labeled “explosives.”

The highway patrol was notified and dispatched a team to examine the scene. Harrison said nearby Marthasville Elementary School was notified and the area around the apartment was closed off.

Bomb squad agents located gunpowder consistent with a muzzle loader firearm, but did not find anything that would constitute an explosive device, the sheriff said.

The suspect was located by authorities and allegedly had a cardboard tube containing gunpowder, but did not possess any kind of detonator.

“There is no safety issue. We didn’t substantiate that he was doing anything that’s going to constitute a crime,” Harrison told The Record.

The bomb squad cleared the scene and students were released from school as normal.

Record staff writer Cindy Gladden contributed to this report.

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