Road paving

Work is underway to extend Fifth Street in Marthasville between East North Street and Rottmann Drive. City leaders hope to eventually provide better access to a neighborhood of more than 200 homes.

The project will lay about 650 feet of new pavement from where Fifth Street currently ends to connect with Rottmann Drive.

Mayor David Lange said as funding allows, Fifth Street could be extended even further in the future, eventually connecting all the way to Northridge Drive, about a quarter-mile north of where Fifth Street currently ends.

Lange said bringing Fifth Street north would provide a second way for residents to get in and out of the neighborhood at the northeast end of the city. At the moment, 10 east-west streets all use Hiawatha Street as their sole connection to the rest of Marthasville.

Providing another way in and out will improve traffic flow and give emergency responders a second access point if they need it, Lange said.

A new water main also is being installed along the Fifth Street extension, Lange added. It’s part of long-term plans to upgrade water service throughout the city.

The project will take several months to complete, Lange said.

The Fifth Street extension is being done by Lamke Trenching and Excavating for about $358,000. Lamke was the low bidder on the project.

The next lowest bid was from Kelpe Contracting, which offered to do the project for $385,000. The highest bid was from Cannon Builders for $494,000.

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