Ralph and Adele Gregory are the first residents of Marthasville to be honored with a memorial bench. The city of Marthasville and Marthasville Park Board intend to provide a total of 10 concrete pads around the city that can be used for memorial benches. Those interested in purchasing a memorial bench may call city hall. Pictured, from left, are Faye Barringhaus, Arlie Berg and Cathie Schoppenhorst of the park board; Mark and Nancy (Gregory) Kimball; Angie Hilbert, park board member’ Mayor David Lange; and Gene Ahmann, park board member. 

The Marthasville Park Board and the city of Marthasville dedicated the first Park Memorial Bench to Ralph and Adele Gregory, longtime Marthasville residents and champions for local history.

Ralph Gregory, who lived to the age of 105, was well-known for being a knowledgeable local historian. His wife, Adele, who died in 2001, was his partner and behind-the-scenes historian.

“They met at the Washington Historical Society,” said Nancy Gregory Kimball. “She clipped newspaper articles for him, including births, weddings and deaths. They worked together in Florida, Mo., the birthplace of Mark Twain. They also helped save covered bridges in Monroe County.”

The Gregorys moved to Marthasville in 1976 where they became a fixture for many years. They were very involved in the community and were especially dedicated to preserving the history of the area.

Nancy Kimball and husband Mark were on hand to honor her parents with the first memorial bench.

People may purchase a bench as a memorial. Mayor David Lange said 10 concrete pads will be provided by the city. If a family wishes to purchase a bench as a memorial, they can contact the city. Each bench costs about $600.

Two will be located in upper Marthasville. The location of the other eight have not been decided at this time, but will probably be located in downtown Marthasville.

To inquire about the memorial benches, call city hall at 636-433-5554. Benches will be selected on a first come, first served basis.

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