Dr. Jennifer Maune

Dr. Jennifer Maune

Dr. Jennifer Maune, a 15-year teacher in public education, has been named the new principal for St. Vincent’s School in Dutzow.

Maune will assume her new role this summer.

Father Gene Robertson, St. Vincent’s and Immaculate Conception pastor, announced in April that the school’s current principal Mark Spann would be stepping down at the end of the school year. A committee conducted a search and recommended Maune for the position.

“She is currently teaching at Augusta, is a member of St. Vincent parish and I think she brings a wealth of experience, innovations and energy for the service of our school,” said Father Robertson “I am excited she said yes, and I look forward to working with her next year. We should have an incredible year next year.“

Maune said she feels blessed to have the support of the school, parents, and parish. She said she prays for their continued support as she travels the path God has planned for her and she has many plans

“We will differentiate instruction to meet the needs of each student without compromising the core standards of excellence in the Catholic school structure,” she said. “St. Vincent’s will also continue to develop a rich learning atmosphere that supports students in examining their own understanding and beliefs, so that they can work collaboratively as they face and overcome daily challenges.”

Maune believes in teaching the whole child, not just the academic part because that is only a portion of who they are, she said.

Her strengths include a positive attitude, open communication, organization, efficient use of time, strong teaching skills, data-driven instruction, and a true love of children. She believes learning involves challenging, motivating and inspiring students to think, problem solve and explore their understanding of a topic.

“I believe that education should be student-centered and foster an enjoyment of learning. In addition to student-centeredness, I also believe that school should be enjoyable and occur in a positive environment because students learn more effectively when the learning process is fun, interesting, and highly engaging,” she said. “I plan to create this sense of enjoyment by modeling for the staff ways to make their lessons authentic and relevant with a proper balance of student and instructor-led discussions.”

She has extensive training in the areas of Whole Brain Teaching, Kagen Cooperative techniques, Project Based Inquiry Learning, student engagement analysis, and Growth Mindset.

Maune added that she’s proud of the education offered and excited for the future curriculum enhancements from the Archdiocese coming this summer. She plans to continue to support the teachers and their professional development on current best practices, student engagement strategies, and project based inquiry learning (PBIL). She is also excited to offer Spanish as a class to the middle school students.

Maune is a long-time resident of Dutzow. She attended St. Vincent’s, along with her four younger brothers, for her elementary foundation. She and her husband Travis have been married for 15 years and have four children, Andrew, Luke, Morgan and Bailey, who currently attends St. Vincent’s.

She earned her Bachelor of Business degree in business management from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in elementary education from Central Methodist University.

She earned her Master of Arts, Specialist, and Doctoral degrees in administration from William Woods University. Her dissertation was on project based inquiry learning (PBIL) and student engagement.

Prior to teaching, Maune worked for Boeing for three years as a budgeting and planning specialist for the weapons programs.

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