The Missouri Humanities Council will feature a new display highlighting the German Heritage Corridor during an event to be held Sunday, Oct. 13, from noon to 3 p.m. at the Peers Store. It will be conjunction with the Treloar Elevator Party held at the Treloar Mercantile at the same time. A series of panels were recently installed and will educate visitors on the local German history of the Peers area. A Missouri Parks tram will take visitors between the two locations. A barbecue benefiting the Marthasville Volunteer Fire Department will be held at the Treloar Mercantile. Live music will be provided at each location. A new painting by Bryan Haynes of the Treloar Mercantile circa 1910 will be on display at the mercantile. Pictured, from left, are Dan Burkhardt, owner, Caitlyn Yager of the Missouri Humanities Council, and Ralph Pfremmer, executive director of Magnificent Missouri.

The ninth annual Treloar Elevator Party will be held Sunday, Oct. 13, from noon to 4 p.m. Several activities will take place between the Treloar Mercantile and the Peers Store along the Katy Trail west of Marthasville.

Bryan Haynes, nationally known artist, will unveil his painting of the Treloar Mercantile and Elevator, circa 1910 at the mercantile. The painting depicts Treloar as a bustling railroad town. Mules, trains and automobiles visited the store until the Great Depression and loss of the railroad changed the landscape of Treloar.

Haynes has a long list of accomplishments in his career, but most recently, his paintings have been featured in the book written by Dan and Connie Burkhardt, “Growing Up With the River: Nine Generations on the Missouri.”

The Burkhardts own both the Peers Store and the Treloar Mercantile and are founders of the Katy Land Trust. They desire to preserve the local history and conserve the land along the Missouri River. They are involved in several conservation efforts.

The Missouri Humanities Council will launch a new display highlighting the German Heritage Corridor. Thousands of Germans immigrated to Missouri and many settled in Warren County. The council focuses on the counties north and south of the Missouri River.

The German Heritage Corridor “connects those communities along scenic byways, showcasing their specific German heritage and creates a corridor designed to increase tourism in the region.”

“We want to highlight the German work ethic,” said Caitlyn Yager, director of Heritage Programs at the Missouri Humanities Council. “We owe it to the families and the community to tell their story.”

Yager said she hopes visitors will spend some time viewing the exhibit describing the area’s rich German history recently installed at the Peers Store. Each panel will detail a different era in Peers history.

Dan Burkhardt said they have a great partnership with the Missouri Humanities Council.

“Their commitment to rural Missouri and rural communities help people connect with their past and their future,” said Burkhardt. “People can serve what they love — places along the Katy Trail, history along the trail — and they will want to conserve the land along the trail.”

Proceeds from the barbecue will benefit the Marthasville Volunteer Fire Department, who will be cooking up brats during the event. The department is currently raising money for swift water technician training and gear.

The Missouri Parks tram will travel from Treloar to Peers and back so that visitors can experience riding on the Katy Trail. Live music will be provided at both locations.

The Peers Store and the Treloar Mercantile are located west of Marthasville on Highway 94. The event is sponsored by Magnificent Missouri whose mission is to explore, conserve and engage. More information can be found at

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