Street Flooding

Highway 47 is closed between Highway D in Marthasville and Highway 94 in Dutzow due to flooding from the Missouri River.

The Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT) is detouring traffic to Bluff Road or along Highway D to Highway TT.

"Depending on river levels, it is not anticipated to be a long-term closure," MoDOT announced.

The Highway 47 bridge over the Missouri River is still open.

According to MoDOT, traffic traveling from Washington to Marthasville should take Highway 47 to Highway 94, Highway 94 to Highway TT, Highway TT to Highway D, then remain on Highway D through Marthasville until reconnecting with Highway 47. Traffic traveling from Warren County to Washington should follow that same detour in reverse order.

River forecast is highest yet this year

For more almost two weeks, Highway 47 has been like an extension of the bridge over the Missouri River, remaining clear and carrying drivers safely across the submerged fields on either side. But a series of regional storms has prolonged and worsened the flooding.

Current projections as of 8 a.m. Friday show the river cresting early Saturday morning about 10 inches higher than the low points of Highway 47, according to the National Weather Service. However, storms are possible through the weekend, which could send additional water into the river.

The National Weather Service measured the depth of the Missouri River at Washington to be 29 feet as of Friday morning, projecting a crest of 29.8 feet on Saturday. The weather service says water begins to affect Highway 47 at 29 feet.

For comparison, the current flood forecast is about 3 feet lower than the 2017 Missouri River flood. That flood cut off access to the Missouri River bridge for several days and put low-lying areas of Marthasville and Dutzow underwater.

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