At the start of each year, we ask local community leaders and elected officials to send The Record letters about what’s to come in the year ahead.

This is part two of those letters. Here’s what local leaders had to say.

Dan Rowden, Wright City Mayor 

“2019 is going to be a very exciting and busy year for Wright City. We are looking forward to another year of growth as a community.

“We will start 2019 having held our first two meetings in the new city hall in December 2018. We will then begin the renovation of the old city hall into an expanded new police department headquarters.

“We are very excited to begin the development of the new city park by engaging an engineering/design group to prepare formal design plans for the park. We have already had some very good public input on what the citizens would like to see in the new park. We will also be applying for a variety of grants to help fund the construction of the various components of the park.

“In 2019 we will also be doing some significant repairs and improvements to our two existing parks.

The city is also reviewing the data from our street study and will be funding both major and minor street repairs in 2019 as the first phase of an ongoing street maintenance program.

2018 was another great year for housing development in Wright City exceeding the number of new homes built in 2017. We anticipate 2019 will be another excellent year in new home development.

“We are anticipating the purchase and installation of a new public safety radio tower to improve public safety radio coverage in Wright City as part of the county radio system.

“We will be adding three new police officers to our department this year to improve shift coverages and response to calls for service.

“We have added funds in our 2019 budget to give our employees pay raises that will bring them more in line with other cities in our area. We believe this will help us hire the best candidates and retain them as part of our team.

“Finally, we have budgeted and hired our first full-time city administrator to help us guide and lead our departments to the best services we can provide our citizens.

“Yes, we are the Right Place, Right Now, Wright City.”

Dr. David Buck, Wright City R-II Superintendent

“The Wright City R-II School District goals are dedicated to our students’ success. We will continue to strive for strong academics through rigor, engagement and data to action while also pursuing to increase our connections to local employers to meet the needs of students and the local workforce.”

Ron MacKnight, Wright City Fire Chief

“As fire chief, I am proud to say the members of the Wright City Fire Protection District worked daily in 2018 toward fulfilling our mission to serve, educate and protect our community. Our industry has evolved dramatically over the years and our organization strives to embrace the changes to the best of our ability. The title fire department, although traditional in its term, is by no means an accurate or all-inclusive reflection of what the Wright City Fire Protection District provides today.

Aside from handling emergency responses and addressing risks identified within our community, the district will continue to be active in public education and outreach, as well as maintaining a safe and code-compliant community. Our members work tirelessly to train and educate themselves to meet the high standards set by industry shapers such as the Insurance Services Office (ISO), the National Fire Protection Association, and the Missouri Division of Fire Safety.

“In 2018, we were humbled by the outpouring of support regarding our growth initiatives and will again endeavor to operate according to our organizational values of accountability, respect, compassion, integrity and excellence. In 2019, our continued vision is to be recognized for setting the standard in public safety and education through responsive leadership dedicated to professional conduct and ethics.

“Simply put, our goal has been and will continue to be service delivery excellence in all levels and types of services that we provide. The men and women of the WCFPD will always be committed to the highest level of service to all citizens and visitors to our community.

“As members of the WCFPD, our work is much more than a job — it’s a way of life, and we are all proud to serve you in everything that we do each day. Have a safe and happy 2019.”

Mike Owenby, Warrenton Fire Chief

As we move into (and look beyond) 2019, it will be our goal to provide the highest possible level of fire and rescue services to the people who live in, work in, and travel through our district. In support of that endeavor, we will continue to afford our personnel the opportunity to refine their skills and practice their craft at every opportunity.

Just as importantly, we want to be good stewards of the public’s money and the public’s trust. One of the items we’re exploring along those lines is a more efficient method of conducting inspections that doesn’t take our on-duty crew out of quarters yet allows us to conduct those inspections with minimal delay.

And we certainly plan to continue and enhance our fire protection and overall community fire safety education. That means working with our schools, our business community, our places of worship. In the end, we’re a public service organization. If the public or any member of the public has a question or concern, it’s our responsibility to address that.

City of Marthasville mayor and Board of Aldermen

The following is a recap of the projects that the city of Marthasville completed in 2018:

• Phase One of the Pecan Street Project.

• Purchase of a salt brine making machine and applicator. This should help the city crews provide more effective and efficient winter storm service.

Heading into 2019, the city will be working on the following projects:

• Phase Two of the Pecan Street Project.

• Drilling a new deep well and ground reservoir for the water works system.

• Acquiring bids for a new splash pad for the city park system.

• Pursuing the design for the construction of a small RV park.

• The city anticipates finishing the negotiations of a new cellphone tower in Marthasville. This new tower should improve service not only for city residents, but also for those in the greater Marthasville area.

• Construction of the TAP grant sidewalk improvements along East Main Street/State Highway D should begin in the near future. Bids have been awarded and construction is expected to begin in the spring.

• GIS mapping system, an ongoing project which will map the city’s infrastructure, will be completed in 2019.

Chris Watson, Truesdale Mayor

“2019 will be another busy year for the city of Truesdale with special attention to Bruer Park. The board of aldermen is currently reviewing different plans for playground equipment and park accessories. 

“Truesdale applied for a safe room grant earlier this year and was notified we have been selected for the second stage of approval. If the city is awarded the grant, it will be constructed at the park. This will allow residents adequate shelter during inclement weather conditions. When the building is not needed as a safe room, it will be available for different community activities and meetings. 

“The board has several ideas how to utilize Bruer Park such as Concerts in the Park, movie nights and Truesdale’s third annual Railroad Days festival in October. We encourage the citizens to contact us with any recommendations they may have for Bruer Park. 

“State Rep. Bryan Spencer requested the city host National Night Out. This is a community gathering to recognize first responders. The event was held previously in Wright City the last two years. Truesdale will host the event in 2019 and 2020. Then this opportunity will be given to a neighboring city within the county. 

“The board of aldermen has a strong focus on city ordinances to ensure the residents a safe and clean community to live and raise their families. The board will be holding not only the tenants but landlords and property owners responsible for violations.          

“The city of Truesdale will focus on maintaining a positive working relationship with neighboring cities and county. The board feels this is very necessary with the continuing growth within all communities. Working together improves the area for all our citizens.     

“I wish everyone a happy new year and may we all continue to be blessed.”

Jeff Thomsen, chairman, Village of Innsbrook Board of Trustees

“As chairman of the board of trustees for the Village of Innsbrook and on behalf of the board we send to all of the readers of the Record a very happy and prosperous new year in 2019.  

“The mission statement for the Village of Innsbrook is to promote living in harmony with nature. In keeping with this mission statement, the Village of Innsbrook will in 2019 continue to support and assist in any way we can the efforts of a local group of citizens who are seeking to open a no-kill animal shelter to serve all of Warren County. 

“Recently there were sightings of black bears in the area and in response the village board arranged for a representative of the Missouri Conservation Commission to speak to the residents of the village on the topic of “Bear Awareness,” and moving into 2019 the board will continue to advise our residents of safe practices not only with respect to black bears, but also with respect to all of our creatures of nature.

“Since its inception in 1998 the Village of Innsbrook has continuously sought to hold taxes of our citizens to the lowest possible permitted by law, and for 2019 we pledge to continue to hold taxes. By the same token, since 1998 the village has sought to minimize intrusion into the private lives of our citizens as much as possible, and we intend to continue with that pledge for 2019.  

“Within the past eight years that I have been chairman of the board, the village has made strides to reach out in cooperation and sharing of ideas with our municipality neighbors and their residents and to be a good government citizen in Warren County. 

“As an example, just recently an issue has arisen involving a quarry located about a mile south of the western boundary of the Village of Innsbrook, and the petition for a conditional use permit before the Warren County Planning and Zoning Commission and the Warren County commissioners seeking to use that quarry for pre-military and police training, including the firing of military-grade weapons. Residents not in the village, but who live off Quarry Road nearby the quarry, as well as residents of the Village of Innsbrook, and together with the Innsbrook Corporation, have joined forces to support opposition to this activity. We intend in 2019 to continue to support and assist in any way we can in opposition to this activity.”

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