Warrenton senior Danielle Meine’s life has not been the same since she was diagnosed with Leukemia on Dec. 12. She is looking forward to regaining some normalcy when she joins her classmates as one of 241 seniors who will graduate during commencement ceremonies on Saturday. Derrick Forsythe photo.

By Derrick Forsythe

Record Staff Writer

Since a trip to the doctor’s office Dec. 12, Danielle Meine’s life has not been the same.

She went in with what her mother suspected was the stomach flu and left that day with the tragic diagnosis of leukemia.

Over the past five months the Warrenton senior has juggled the task of her completing her education while being in and out of the hospital nearly a dozen times.

She longs for a return to her normal teenage routine.

And on Saturday, Meine will achieve that as one of 241 seniors who will graduate during the Warrenton High School commencement ceremonies.

“I’m ready to be a part of it and feel 17 again,” said Meine, who recently was voted prom queen by her peers.

She is eager to cross the stage Saturday with friends that she has missed while having to spend this semester homebound.

“What I have missed most is not being able to go to school,” said Meine. “I would rather be here than at home.”

Meine’s mother, Brandee Kramer, says the school has been very accommodating in helping Danielle earn the final 1.5 credits she needed to graduate. A teacher would visit her at home five hours a week.

“The school has been really good about working with us,” said Kramer.

Senior class counselor Tonya McDaniel said the teachers tailored the curriculum accordingly so they could be both educational and therapeutic for Meine.

“We put together a little program to help her emotionally as well as get her credits,” said McDaniel.

Meine, who is now 100 percent cancer free, has not let the illness derail her vision of earning a college degree. Having already aspired to be a nurse prior to her battle with cancer, she is now even more determined.

While she was accepted into Graceland University in Iowa, Meine will have to take online classes in the interim. She will need to continue cancer treatments for two to three years to prevent a reoccurence.

In the meantime, she is going to enjoy the final few moments of her high school career, as she dons her “Hello Kitty” sequined cap and gown on Saturday.

Warrenton High School Graduation

When: Saturday, May 16

Where: Warrenton High School Football Field

Time: 7 p.m.

*In case of inclement weather, the ceremony will be moved into the high school gym with 7:30 p.m. start.

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